See how our robust Tessera™ solution moves beyond self-reporting to accurately measure students’ character strengths.

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ProExam builds next-generation assessments rooted in research and utilizes advanced data analytics tools to provide insights that drive better academic achievement and 21st century workforce success.
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Encompassing All Your SEL Needs: Tessera as a Complete System

Tessera is not just an assessment and measurement instrument.

Tessera (pronounced tes-er-uh) is, in our vision and increasingly in our execution, a noncognitive skills and social-emotional competencies development system. In a nutshell, it encompasses a full social and emotional learning (SEL) program.

The graphic above provides insight into what we are building here, and demonstrates how, in addition to being circular, the system can begin at different points. To navigate it, consider the compass—north, south, and west are all good points to start with Tessera.

Upon joining Tessera, you and your school/district/program immediately begin receiving no-cost coaching (or you can opt for more comprehensive fee-based consulting) to determine how best to implement the Tessera system, how to map the six Tessera SEL competencies to your site’s high priority outcomes, and how to communicate to your constituencies the purposes and plans for Tessera in the future. We also assist, both before and after administering the assessment instrument, in providing presentations to your board, parents, or funders; leading trainings and PD services for your faculty with our team of expert SEL instructors; advising your leadership team in planning and monitoring SEL initiatives; and much more. 

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ACT to Invest in ProExam, an Innovator in Noncognitive Assessment and Professional Credentialing

IOWA CITY, February 22, 2017 – IOWA—ACT, Inc., a national leader in college and career readiness assessment, announced today it intends to invest in ProExam, a not-for-profit organization focused on noncognitive assessment and professional credentialing, with a merger between the two organizations expected in 2018.

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The Passing of Martin Brutosky

It is with deepest regret that we inform you of the death of our dear friend and colleague, Martin Brutosky, who passed away suddenly this past weekend. Martin was more than a successful education technology entrepreneur. He was one of the most decent, caring individuals we've had the pleasure of knowing. Our industry has lost a true innovator and he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Dianne, his family and friends.

We are most fortunate to have John Greene, Martin’s former business partner, on our team to help ProExam fill the enormous void left by Martin’s passing.

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ASCD Empower 17

ASCD Empower 17

March 25-27

Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802

ProExam Write RGB 72dpi

ProExam Write is a secure, web-based system for item (test question) development, review and validation. It reduces the cost of item development without compromising security or the integrity of the process. As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ProExam Write is affordable and convenient to use for organizations of any size.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Reduce meeting-related costs with a partially or fully web-based item development process
  • Increase overall item writing productivity through the rapid ability to draft, review and approve items using friendly, simple-to-use dashboards
  • Secure item development activity within a password-protected, administrator-controlled environment
  • Create valid, defensible items by providing custom resources inside the system for reference, and by using extensive embedded training resources for writers and reviewers
  • Configure the system to match workflow and policies, and to support a testing services vendor, psychometric consultant or review committee through industry-standard XML item export

Streamline item development with ProExam Write’s comprehensive functionality.

ProExam Write Example

Administrators can:

  • Configure the workflow for the drafting, review, revision and approval of items
  • Create and store multi-level item classification schemes
  • Manage the recruitment and enrollment of item writers and reviewers
  • Assign roles and permissions, and issue assignments to item writers and reviewers
  • Track and report on activity at the item writer and reviewer level as well as across an entire item development initiative, including item versioning and history
  • Upload and manage resources specific to an item development initiative
  • Export finalized items to print or XML

Item writers can:

  • Draft, edit and classify a multiple-choice or scenario-based item using familiar word processing functionality
  • Define the number of options
  • Provide rationale for an item stem and/or options
  • Cite references
  • Attach associated graphics, video or audio media

Item reviewers can:

  • Review and comment on, or directly revise, an item
  • Refer an item to another reviewer for additional feedback
  • Collaborate with other reviewers in real time
  • Approve items as final for committee review or transfer to an item banking system

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