Credentialing Advisory Services

Proven Guidance: Unmatched Insight and Expertise

ACT® ProExam guides you to the best answers for your organization’s unique situation. We leverage solid research, thoughtful strategy and decades of experience to help ensure that any program you develop will help achieve your goals.

Strategic & Policy Planning

  • Analyzing Strategic Fit
  • Evaluating Program Feasibility and Business Impact
  • Expanding Your Organization’s Credentialing Portfolio

Ensuring Validity & Defensibility

  • Conducting Practice Analysis
  • Test Specifications Development
  • Standard Setting

Improving & Enhancing Established Programs

  • Value Proposition Analysis
  • Evaluating a Credential’s Mobility
  • Innovative Assessment Development

Accreditation Guidance

“ACT ProExam has provided outstanding guidance in leading PEBC through several highly strategic projects, including several practice analysis studies, a CBT feasibility study, and facilitation of an RFP to select a CBT vendor.”

John Pugsley,
B.Sc. Phm., R.Ph., ACPR, Pharm.D.
The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada


“ACT ProExam has shown exceptional expertise, skill and understanding of our profession in guiding AICPA through some highly strategic projects, ranging from practice analysis to an exploration of measuring professional skepticism.”

Michael Decker
Vice President of Examinations