Independent Recognition of Rigorous Standards

Measuring up to approval from a national or international accreditation body is a challenging process.

ProExam walks with organizations every step of the way to provide expert guidance on the path to accreditation for licensure, certification or assessment-based certificate programs.

  • Readiness Study. ProExam objectively evaluates programs and examinations for adherence to generally accepted credentialing standards. Both a psychometric analysis and analysis of program components identify where there are variations and where changes are recommended. ProExam checks programs against criteria from a number of standards or standards bodies, including the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, the American National Standards Institute, the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing and the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification.
  • Application Forensics. ProExam critically evaluates accreditation applications. We identify and document weaknesses and map out a plan for addressing them. And if the variation to the standards is significant, we can assist you in setting priorities for changes so your program aligns with the standards.
  • Application Support. ProExam guides credentialing program sponsors through the accreditation process – whether or not the program itself is a ProExam client. We help with application strategy, advice on meeting standards and documentation.