Improving & Enhancing Established Programs

Whether you want to review a credentialing program to ensure that it’s on track or evaluate an opportunity to expand a program and take it to the next level, ACT® ProExam offers invaluable expertise and perspective.

  • Value Proposition Analysis. What’s a credential’s perceived worth? How well does it meet stakeholder needs? ACT® ProExam investigates how candidates, employers, professionals and other stakeholders perceive your credential. Study results identify where a credential is delivering (or failing to deliver) value, inform strategic decision-making in support of product/service development or enhancement, and guide future program marketing, all of which position you organization to attract new credential earners, and retain existing credential holders.
  • Evaluating a Credential’s Mobility. How well does your credential travel? ACT® ProExam draws on global experience to assess how your credential can satisfy existing or emerging needs in new geographic markets. Our studies highlight similarities and differences in practice across borders. We identify conditions for cross-border reciprocity and the need for bridging programs to address gaps.
  • Innovative Assessment Development. What value can you add with approaches that go beyond an objective multiple-choice examination? ACT® ProExam designs studies to let you know how technical knowledge, performance and noncognitive skills–such as work ethic, teamwork and emotional intelligence–should be assessed. Based on your program’s needs, we can recommend, develop, and validate innovative assessments, which might include simulations, observation-based assessments, practical examinations, and portfolios.