Evaluating and Enhancing an Established Program

A review of a credentialing program to ensure that it’s on track. Or evaluating an opportunity to expand a program and take it to the next level.

ProExam has the experience to provide the right recommendations for any ongoing credentialing program for a trusted independent and expert perspective across a broad range of professions in the U.S., Canada and internationally.

Program Audit. What’s working and what’s not? ProExam performs comprehensive audits against industry standards or accreditation criteria (such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the American National Standards Institute) to evaluate a program’s strengths, weaknesses and defensibility. Our detailed gap analysis leads to specific recommendations, by priority, to refine or enhance your credentialing program.

Value Proposition. What’s a credential’s perceived worth? ProExam studies how candidates, employers, professionals and other stakeholders value your credential. The results help you enrich your credentials – through understanding expectations, visibility and credibility –and promote the program to attract new candidates or successfully encourage recertification.

Mobility Studies. How well would a credential travel? ProExam draws on global experience to assess how your credential could satisfy existing or emerging needs in new markets. Our studies also provide guidance on cross-border reciprocity, noting differences between jurisdictions and how to address them – as well as advice on promoting your credential in new locations. 

Additional Credentials. What are the unmet needs within the field? ProExam provides insight about whether to add specialty or advanced practice credentials. New programs can make sense as technology or market forces bring about changes in professions. An updated Practice Analysis may also reveal opportunities.  

Innovative Assessment. When is a multiple choice or linear examination not the only approach? ProExam designs studies to let you know more about the breadth and depth to which content should be assessed. We recommend, develop and score both innovative items and exams, based on your program’s needs. Consider practical examinations that incorporate assessing and treating real patients, interpreting scenarios and constructing mechanical devices. Or portfolios and performance-based simulations. 

ProExam also assists organizations with recertification initiatives (including self-assessment), web-based practice tests (with diagnostic feedback) and assessments for a particular curriculum or training program (with knowledge-based learning objectives).