Strategic and Policy Planning

How will the credential support your organization’s mission?

Is there demand for a credential? If so, what type of credential should it be?

What unmet credentialing needs can your organization satisfy?

  • Analyzing Strategic Fit
    ACT® ProExam helps you align your credentialing and organizational missions at the policy level. Our goal is to ensure consistent guidance for initial credential development, curriculum alignment, and professional development and recertification initiatives.
  • Evaluating Program Feasibility abd Business Impact
    ACT® ProExam evaluates the demand for new credentials. We consider the competitive landscape, the potential market, and key stakeholder perspectives to provide a complete picture. By integrating the results with a solid understanding of the resources required, and the potential size and growth rate of your candidate population, you can make a sound “go/no go” decision.
  • Expanding Your Organization’s Credentialing Portfolio
    What unmet credentialing needs can your organization address? New programs may make sense as technology or market forces bring about changes in the profession. ACT® ProExam provides insight about the value of adding new credentials—including micro-credentials; assessment-based certificates; and entry-level, specialty, and advanced credentials.