Ensuring Validity & Defensibility

Does your assessment accurately reflect practice?

Can it survive a legal challenge?

  • Conducting Practice Analysis
    A detailed practice analysis study—also known as a competency profile, job analysis or role delineation—links the real world and the focus of the credential. ACT® ProExam works with content experts through a variety of complementary methods to describe the practice area in terms of competencies and tasks, as well as knowledge and skills. We validate these descriptions through surveys of practitioners and other key stakeholders to develop a rich description of practice in the profession.
    > Learn more about ACT ProExam’s approach to practice analysis
  • Test Specifications Development
    Test specifications provide the foundation for a content-valid, legally defensible examination aligned with the intent of the certification. ACT® ProExam guides you in integrating empirical data and SME judgments to produce a framework (including weightings) for test construction to ensure consistency across test forms and administrations.
  • Standard Setting
    Establishing a defensible cut or passing score allows your organization to distinguish among candidates of various levels of competence (for example, passing versus failing; developing versus proficient versus exemplary) and make decisions about the adequacy of performance tied to the underlying mission of the credential.