Customer Care, Pre- and Post-Test

The actual test administration is only part of a smooth candidate experience. 

ProExam knows this, and supports you – and your candidates – both before and after the examination with seamless customer, printing and fulfillment services. 

  • Candidate Management. From application to outcome, ProExam Candidate Service Representatives are thoroughly trained in the requirements of each program. We emphasize accuracy and timeliness as we:
  • Process web, paper and phone applications and candidate fees;
  • Verify eligibility; and
  • Handle candidate inquiries and issues by email and phone.

We work with your candidates at every stage for a positive reflection on your credentialing program.

  • Printing and Fulfillment. From test materials to candidate certificates, ProExam is hands-on to maintain the highest standards in support of programs. Our comprehensive printing and fulfillment services ensure:
  • Maximum security by having all production, printing, sealing, shrink-wrapping, packing, shipping and receipt of examination materials performed by trained staff at ProExam headquarters; and
  • High quality through use of the latest digital printing equipment, plus print-on-demand capabilities, for precise and timely output.

We work with you at every stage for a professional result supported by a secure foundation.