Psychometric Services for Additional Needs

Good psychometrics are at the heart of any valid, reliable credentialing program which includes assessment.

ProExam supports programs with extensive consulting services in psychometrics, both as part of overall program development and delivery, or tailored independently as needed.

  • Reliability/Validity Analysis. ProExam analyzes examination results to determine the effect an examination of a different length would have on reliability and/or validity. Where examination reliability statistics are low, we investigate possible causes and recommend ways to increase reliability. 
  • Cheating Analysis. ProExam draws on statistical flags and other evidence to identify any groups of candidates whose results suggest possible cheating or collaboration in a single test administration or across a longer time frame.
  • Differential Item Functioning Analysis. ProExam determines if exam items are fair and appropriate across various ethnic and demographic groups and perform comparably across English and non-English forms.

ProExam also offers credentialing organizations an overall orientation to psychometric principles and practices in its psychometric “boot camps.”