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ProExam Vault is a secure, web-based platform that makes it easy to issue, share and store digital credentials and micro-credentials. It simplifies the management and validation of digital credentials for certifying organizations like yours, as well as for credential earners and hiring organizations.

Create, manage and leverage digital credentials

Here’s how it works:

1 The credentialing issuer creates a branded digital credential which includes embedded details, known as metadata. This metadata can include the credential requirements, expiration or recertification dates, credential status and information about the issuing organization which strengthens the credential brand.

2 ProExam Vault receives information from credential issuers or through the ProExam Test Internet-based testing platform about credential earners who have completed computer-, Internet- or paper-based assessments.

3 ProExam Vault assigns and stores a digital credential for each individual credential earner.

4 Credential earners can claim, view and store their credentials in ProExam Vault. They can also display and share their digital credentials via social media, email, personal websites, blogs or other digital channels.

5 Employers can immediately verify a digital credential. A single click brings them to a secure verification page created by the credential issuer, describing who earned the credential, who issued it and when it expires.

6 Through the easily updated verification page, the credentialing organization gains valuable market exposure, a powerful brand identity tool and the ability to stretch marketing dollars through revenue-generating links.

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Flexible, cost-efficient management

By using digital credentials rather than paper credentials, your organization can significantly reduce the costs of testing and certification materials, handling and shipping.

ProExam Vault, which can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of a comprehensive program, also makes it easy to:

  • View, filter and search all individuals who have earned a credential
  • Reissue credentials with updated or corrected information
  • Create reports on digital credential activity