ATP Innovations in Testing: Presentations

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We're posting our session materials from the Association of Test Publishers' 2014 Innovations in Testing conference in Scottsdale, AZ for those unable to attend, or for those who did attend and would like them for reference. 

The move from paper to digital credentials (or the simple addition of digital credentials to paper) had significant buzz at ATP, and that was reflected in our session with Sunny Lee of the Mozilla Foundation and Matthew Pittinsky of Parchment, "The Impact of Digitization in the Education and Certification/Licensure Credentialing Markets."

Other relevant sessions were the case study, "Work Ready Now! — Using Assessment and Digital Micro-Credentials (Badges) to Support Learning in a Curriculum-Based International Work Readiness Program," with Nancy Chervin and Nancy Taggart of Education Development Center, and the overview, "ProExam Vault: Enabling Secure Digital Credentials."

Two case studies focused on the critical credentialing areas of fundamental competencies and experience requirements: 

For more presentations and resources, visit the ProExam Resources page.