Future Needs of Long-Term Care Leadership Focus of Professional Examination Service Study

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ProExam Providing Detailed Job Analysis for National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards

NEW YORK – June 18, 2013 -- Professional Examination Service, the most experienced organization in professional licensure and certification services, has launched a detailed analysis of the professional requirements for long-term care administrators in a project for the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). When complete, this comprehensive "job description" will permit developing new and updated credentials for executives of organizations providing nursing home, assisted living, hospice, home care, adult day care and independent living services.

NAB has as its mission public protection and counts 53 state regulatory boards and agencies among its members. NAB's members currently credential administrators of nursing homes and assisted living communities. Since those credentials were launched, long-term care supports and services have expanded to home and community-based settings. ProExam designed this groundbreaking study to align with NAB's strategic vision and permit the creation of credentials for current and future leaders across the entire continuum of care.

"We're undertaking this extensive look at long-term care administration so that we can both meet the existing needs of practitioners, regulators and employers, and lay the groundwork for the future with possibly additional credentials as the demand for various types of long-term care supports and services continues to grow," said Randy Lindner, President and CEO of NAB. "ProExam has deep expertise in performing practice analyses and we're pleased to work with them on this important effort."

A practice analysis is a critical early step in determining the need for, and form of, a credential. The result is a structured description of practice that provides the foundation for examination content, so that the exam is closely tied to real-world requirements.

ProExam's approach to practice analysis studies (and its other credentialing services, from initial strategy through test delivery and reporting) is guided by industry best practices. In designing this study, ProExam created opportunities for practitioners along the continuum of care settings to participate in focus panels, expert reviews and stakeholder surveys. ProExam will perform extensive quantitative and qualitative analyses that will provide an enhanced understanding of both commonalities, and unique aspects, of leadership in the different service lines.

"Our work with NAB will reveal what's common in terms of skills, tasks and knowledge for executives, and will identify differences where those exist," said Sandra Greenberg, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Advisory Services for Professional Examination Service. "This may lead to the development of new credentials and should facilitate professional mobility."

Results of the 16-month practice analysis study are expected to be presented to the NAB Board of Governors in June 2014.

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