ProExam Test Released for Web-Based Practice Tests and Digital Credential Assessments

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Professional Examination Service Partners With uCertify for Internet-based Testing

NEW YORK – Aug. 6, 2013 – Professional Examination Service, the most experienced organization in professional licensure and certification services, today announced the availability of ProExam Test, its robust, highly scalable solution for Internet-based testing.

ProExam Test combines Professional Examination Service's credentialing expertise and tools with the industry-leading uCertify technology. The result is a testing platform suitable for a broad range of applications, from practice tests to online assessments for digital credentials and micro-credentials. Optionally, associations and institutions that sponsor credentials can add remote proctoring from Software Secure, which is seamlessly integrated into ProExam Test.

Core features of ProExam Test include the ability to deliver tests to mobile devices and tablets (in addition to laptop and desktop computers), embed a variety of traditional and innovative item types, score and report results immediately, and even extend a credentialing organization's brand to the testing platform. Security measures include SSL encryption, no browser caching of test items, the disabling of cut and paste functions and logging of test-taker actions.

"We've proven the technology underlying ProExam Test over more than a decade of active development and use," said Manish Gupta, founder and CEO of uCertify. "Currently, more than a thousand assessments are delivered each day on our platform in both commercial and educational environments."

The availability of ProExam Test also completes the ProExam Digital Micro-Credential service, which allows credential sponsors to issue, and individuals to earn, new purely digital credentials based on a targeted set of skills, knowledge or accomplishments and, through use of ProExam Vault, have these credentials displayed across the web as digital open badges with embedded one-click verification.

"The release of ProExam Test and, recently, ProExam Vault marks a milestone in our development of state-of-the-art technology products and services for associations, institutions and organizations that issue credentials including licenses and certificates," said Robert S. Block, president and CEO of Professional Examination Service. "Whether leveraged as part of our comprehensive services, or as a stand-alone offering, these technologies deliver significant value to our clients."

Other ProExam digital products in what had been known as the ProExam Suite include ProExam Write (item writing and reviewing), ProExam Bank (item banking), ProExam Track (candidate application and management) and ProExam Event (paper testing management).

To learn more about the new role of digital badges in credentialing, a white paper, "Digital 'Badges' Emerge as Part of Credentialing's Future," is available on the ProExam web site at

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