Professional Examination Service releases ProExam Write 2.0

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Secure Web-Based Test Question Authoring Tool Adds Equation Editor, Internationalization Features

NEW YORK – Jan. 28, 2014 -- Professional Examination Service (ProExam), the most experienced organization in professional licensure and certification services, today released version 2.0 of ProExam Write, the secure, web-based test question (item) development tool for assessments. The new ProExam Write adds two significant features, an equation editor and internationalization capabilities.

The new equation editor allows drafting, editing and modifying mathematical equations directly, using the text editor toolbar, with full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality. Complex mathematical expressions are created by clicking the equation button in the toolbar to open the editor, with related functions logically grouped into tabs (e.g., symbols, Greek characters, matrices, calculus). The equation editor is HTML5-based for cross-browser, operating system and mobile/tablet compatibility. Existing equations can be changed by clicking on them, and MathML (Mathematical Markup Language) information is also stored to ensure the equation can be edited in the future.

ProExam Write's internationalization capabilities mean the entire user interface can now be displayed in languages other than English, including translations of button labels, instructional text and screen titles. This capability is based on user preference. A ProExam Write customer could have several writers working on a project, each using ProExam Write in a different language, with the program adjusting itself automatically based on the user's computer language preference (if that language is available). All test questions and item details (stems, choices, rationales, references, etc.) can be entered in languages other than English.

The core features of ProExam Write remain. Draft items are submitted, reviewed, revised and tracked through a straightforward web-based interface. Item reviewers can return draft items to writers with feedback, identify items that are approved for the item bank and capture several item writer metrics. In addition, ProExam Write lets credentialing programs attach custom resource materials – such as manuals, assignments and workshop information – to assist item writers and reviewers.

"We continue to improve the functionality of our digital products to anticipate the needs of our clients and increase the efficiency of credentialing programs," said Robert S. Block, president and CEO, Professional Examination Service. "ProExam Write can reduce the number of needed face-to-face meetings – along with their expense – and increase productivity by item writers."

The new ProExam Write is available either as a standalone, licensed product, or as part of Professional Examination Service's comprehensive credentialing services.

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