ProExam Announces New Strategic Direction

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Leader in assessment and professional credentialing to focus on developing and delivering proprietary innovative assessments, providing world-class research and advisory services, and building next-generation digital tools


ProExam, a leader in assessment and professional credentialing for more than 50 years, today announced a bold new strategic direction in support of its credentialing mission serving the Academic, Workforce, Certification and Licensure Credentialing markets. Robert Block, president and CEO, said, “Drawing on our core strengths, ProExam will focus its resources and expertise on developing proprietary noncognitive (soft-skill) assessments for both education and workforce verticals; delivering research and advisory services to the broader credentialing market; and providing technology solutions to deliver, as well as support assessment and credentialing.”

Noncognitive Assessments―ProExam’s Center for Innovative Assessments, established in 2014, has quickly gained recognition as a thought leader in the area of noncognitive assessment. Commenting on the Center, Richard Roberts, Ph.D., vice president and chief scientist, said, “Utilizing innovative methodologies borne out of extensive research, the Center is developing a set of next-generation assessments that measure a wide range of noncognitive skills that are foundational to success in school, work, and life, including work ethic, teamwork, emotional intelligence, grit, time management, leadership development, and more. The Center’s first such product, the Tessera™ Noncognitive Assessment System, is a ground-breaking tool for the K-12 market that delivers sound data critical to supporting student self-knowledge, growth, and improvement.”

Research & Advisory Services―For more than 30 years, ProExam’s Research and Advisory Services (R&AS) team, led by Sandra Greenberg, Ph.D., has been regarded as one of the premier R&AS groups in the credentialing space. Greenberg said, “Credentialing and the credentialing community are central to ProExam’s not-for-profit organizational mission. We serve that mission by working closely with credential sponsors on a wide range of strategic engagements that are essential to the achievement of their own credentialing missions, including but not limited to job/practice analyses, strategic planning, policy development, feasibility studies, standard setting, program audits, value proposition studies, credential mobility studies, accreditation guidance, rubric development, and more.”

Technology Solutions― Under the leadership of Martin Brutosky, vice president, Technology Solutions, ProExam has developed a suite of innovative tools designed for the assessment and credentialing markets. Brutosky said, “These tools will not only provide a platform to support ProExam’s proprietary assessment business, but will also offer credential sponsors, both large and small, a comprehensive and highly cost-effective suite of intuitive digital tools that will improve both the operational efficiency and return on investment of their credentialing activities. In addition, ProExam has talented professionals who can support those organizations that want to effect a gradual transition out of costly outsourced environments.”

Tools within the suite include ProExam Vault, an industry leading digital credentialing (or digital badging) platform, ProExam Write, a collaborative item authoring work flow system and ProExam Dash, a powerful data movement and analytics platform.

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