Web-based Credentials Displayed and Shared Securely

Digital credentials are rapidly emerging as a more portable and verifiable option than traditional paper credentials.

ProExam Digital Credentials combine our unmatched experience in credentialing services with state-of-the-art, open web technologies. The result is assessment-based digital credentials that have more value to candidates and employers—and at potentially lower cost to credential issuers. Digital credentials displayed on the web are more easily shared with employers, social networks and websites while providing a secure means of validation and verification.

Credentials Displayed as Digital “Badges”

A familiar merit badge represents knowledge, an accomplishment or a skill. That is the concept behind the Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badge Infrastructure—a web standard for displaying purely digital credentials. Credentials appear as graphic images, or “badges,” with unique embedded information that links back to the issuing organization. Open Badges make it possible to view the badge and immediately verify who earned it, who issued it and what the credential represents.

Making a Digital Credential Do More

ProExam builds on the open badges standard to add psychometric soundness, exacting assessment and straightforward tools for digital credential management:

  • Research, advisory and psychometric services create assessments for a digital credential
  • ProExam Test delivers secure, Internet-based tests, with or without remote proctoring
  • API technology rapidly converts existing credentials to digital credentials from databases of current credential holders
  • ProExam Vault lets organizations securely manage digital credentials they issue; allows individuals to store, organize and share the credentials they earn; and gives employers a secure site where credentials are verified as valid
  • Optional ProExam Digital Micro-Credentials provide highly targeted credentials that can be used as precursors or add-ons to existing credentials

Digital Credentials Process Chart

Valued by Organizations, Individuals and Employers

  • Organizations benefit by reduced fulfillment costs when converting paper credentials to digital, by quickly being able to update a credential’s status, and by extending organization branding across the web
  • Individuals benefit by having an easily verified credential they can display on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other career and networking sites, or include in a digital resume to a potential employer
  • Employers benefit by streamlined and secure verification of earned credentials

In-depth interviews conducted by an independent research firm with Fortune 500 senior hiring managers in financial services, health care, food services and information technology found ProExam Digital Credentials and Micro-Credentials added critical substance to digital badges.

Digital Credentialing Experts

ProExam Digital Credentials combine our proven results and unmatched experience with industry-standard, open web technologies. Contact us to include digital credentials in your program, either by themselves or in combination with our other trusted tools and services.