Plan a new program

If your organization is considering a credentialing program, here are just a few of the many questions you face:

  • How does a credential fit with our mission?
  • Is there demand for a credential?
  • Will the right things be measured?

ProExam’s research and advisory services guide you to the best answers for your organization’s unique situation. We leverage solid research, thoughtful strategy and decades of experience to help ensure that any program you develop will help achieve your goals.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing Strategic Fit. We understand that the education, experience and examination requirements for a credential reflect back on your organization. We help you align your credentialing and organizational missions at the policy level, ensuring consistent guidance for initial credential attainment as well as curriculum and professional development and recertification initiatives.
  • Evaluating Program Feasibility. ProExam designs and implements studies to evaluate demand for a new credential, from assessment-based certificates and certification programs to specialty or advanced designations. We consider competition, candidates, careers, employers and thought leaders to provide a complete picture. With a solid understanding of the resources required, financial viability and size and growth rate of your candidate population, you can make a sound “go/no go” decision.
  • Conducting Practice Analysis. A detailed practice analysis study – also known as a competency profile, job analysis or role delineation – creates the link between the real world and credential test content. We work with content experts to understand the practice area and describe it in terms of competencies, tasks and activities as well as knowledge and skills, leading to eligibility decisions related to experience and education. This profile is validated through a web-based survey of practitioners, then used as a basis for test specifications and examination content. The result is a valid, legally defensible credential that is tied to actual responsibilities and tasks.