Marketing with digital credentials

Digital credentials and ProExam Vault offer a highly effective and cost-efficient opportunity to leverage social media for credentialing organizations like yours. You can extend your brand, enhance your integrity and stretch your marketing dollars while also delivering value-added benefits to your members and credential earners.

Here’s how:

  • ProExam Vault notifies individuals when they earn a digital credential.
  • The individuals then set up profile pages in ProExam Vault to manage and share their digital credentials as they choose. For example, they can use social media sites such as LinkedIn, potentially putting the credential issued by your organization – and your brand -- in front of hundreds or thousands of professionals and potential candidates.
  • Everyone who the credential is shared with can see the individual’s credential your organization has issued and click on it to verify its validity or learn more about it.
  • The easily updated verification page powerfully reinforces your brand identity by featuring easy access to your website.
  • You can also promote revenue-generating links to resources or events such as white papers and conferences.