Digital Testing

Digital test administration combines scale and availability with speed and security. ProExam partners with multiple established computer-based testing networks so that we can deliver maximum flexibility and fit with your program.

Options include:

  • Computer-Based Testing (CBT). ProExam helps you choose the most appropriate network(s) for your needs based on performance, capabilities and coverage. Our objective is to provide affordable access and a seamless experience.

    We ensure all necessary systems are in place for reliable, secure and timely handling of your test forms and data. Both during and after test administration, we establish and maintain protocols for data transfer, verification and quality control.

  • Internet-Based Testing. If fixed sites don’t meet your needs, our Internet-based test administration partnerships fulfill requirements for practice tests, self-assessments, recertification exams and emerging areas such as digital micro-credentials.

    We directly oversee all Internet-based testing, which we customize to match your preferences on proctoring, test content and reporting. Our web testing system is highly secure, multilingual capable and can handle multiple question types. Candidates can also receive varying levels of feedback and automated study material recommendations.