Paper Testing

If your organization prefers group administration or would like to supplement CBT, paper-and-pencil testing provides a convenient, perfected delivery method worldwide. We have the resources and expertise to ensure digital-age agility with this “old” – and proven – test administration technology.

ProExam has decades of direct experience administering paper tests for high-stakes certification and licensure programs. Each year, we test more than 150,000 candidates in all U.S. states and more than 240 international cities and most Canadian provinces. Sites can be existing, ad hoc or tied to an event such as an annual conference.

We use our ProExam Event software to efficiently manage administrative tasks from organizing testing events to assigning proctors and communicating information. We also maintain a large network of highly trained and qualified chief examiners. Together with printing operations on-site at our New York City headquarters, they provide the highest level of quality control and security for your exam and candidate data.

Our web-based tool designed to manage paper test administration.

Global Paper Testing Sites