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ProExam Dash is a self-service analytics portal and interactive report application that provides on-demand, online access to assessment and candidate performance data. It combines powerful analytical technologies with knowledgeable professional support to help you drive better performance.

Get the information you need – when you need it

Here’s how it works:

1 ProExam Dash automatically captures and consolidates exam and candidate data across multiple sites and programs as well as across time.

2 Your organization’s assessment and candidate performance data are securely stored online.

3 Access your dashboard from any web browser on a PC or tablet, or use the mobile app.

4 Quickly identify, explore, compare and share candidate and performance results.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Save valuable time by focusing immediately on important information, without waiting for someone else to deliver or analyze data.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your assessment program.
  • Make the complicated understandable by easily exploring how factors such as exam forms, administrations, exam durations and school programs affect outcomes.
  • Act quickly and effectively on information you can trust.

Accelerate process improvement

With ProExam Dash, you can:

  • Identify exceptions at a glance. On-demand filter and interactive controls make it easy to spot performance trends. With just a few clicks or taps, you can isolate performance at a single site or compare across test forms.
  • Drill deep into the data. Compare a wide variety of factors such as test volume, score distribution, item performance, preparation and performance gaps across candidates, schools and sites.
  • Easily share data with executives, program directors and others. By standardizing metrics and creating easy-to-understand reports, you can help them focus on the areas that matter most. Plus, you have the flexibility to print any chart or table as well as export raw data to Excel.
  • Better understand the intersection of candidate behavior and performance. ProExam offers innovative non-cognitive assessments that can shed light on the competencies and soft skills candidate possess.
  • Work with a knowledgeable partner. ProExam’s experienced staff are committed to supplementing your organization’s data analysis capacity through identifying data issues, implementing best practices and streamlining data collection.

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Test Form Analysis

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