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ProExam Vault is a secure, web-based platform that makes it easy to issue, share and store credentials as standardized digital badges. It simplifies the management and verification of digital credentials for credential issuers, individual earners and hiring organizations.

Create, manage and leverage digital credentials

Here’s how ProExam Vault helps credential issuers like you:

1 You create a branded digital credential, which includes embedded details known as metadata. This metadata can include the credential requirements, expiration or recertification dates, credential status and information about your organization.

2 ProExam Vault receives credential earner information from you or via ProExam Test, which can trigger the issuance of a digital credential based upon assessment performance.

3 ProExam Vault issues credentials individually, in bulk or automatically to approved credential earners.

4 Credential earners can claim, view and store their digital credentials in ProExam Vault, as well as display and share them through social media, email and other digital channels.

5 Hiring organizations and others can verify the authenticity and status of a digital credential with the click of a mouse or the tap of a smart screen, which directs one to the public digital credential page maintained securely in ProExam Vault.

6 You can easily search, update, revoke or renew digital credentials stored in ProExam Vault.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Enhance the value of the credential you issue by providing individual earners with a digital credential they can easily share via email and social media.
  • Increase brand exposure and awareness of your credentialing program as individual earners share their digital credentials.
  • Expand your marketing reach by creating targeted promotional messages to display on public digital credential pages, linking visitors with revenue-generating programs and events.

Fully optimized for mobile and desktop use

ProExam Vault’s user-friendly issuer administration site, individual earner profiles and public digital credential pages are all fully optimized for mobile and desktop access.

Key features include:

  • Public Digital Credential Pages. Hiring organizations can visit these pages to quickly and easily verify the validity of a digital credential by entering an email address, reference code or license number.
  • Public Credential Issuer Pages. As a credential issuer, you can create pages to profile your organization, showcase the digital credentials you offer and link to additional resources or revenue-generating programs.
  • Customizable Earner Profiles. Individual earners may personalize their profile with a photo as well as biographical, professional and contact information. Earners have the option to keep their page private.
  • Reports. Through a variety of reports analyzing digital credential activity, credential issuers such as your organization have the ability to view digital credential claim rates, sharing preferences and other engagement data.

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