ProExam provides a full range of reporting, scoring and statistical services that ensure psychometric integrity in your credentialing program.

  • Scoring Services. We support computer- and paper-based testing with comprehensive scoring services including verification of CBT scores, high-volume answer sheet scanning and hand rescoring.
  • Item and Examination Analysis. We analyze raw scores using Item Response Theory or classical statistics, as well as analyze test specifications and breadth and depth of content coverage to advise you on the psychometric quality of questions and forms, including examination reliability and validity.
  • Examination Equating. We statistically equate parallel test forms to a base form or the item bank – using common item linear, equipercentile and Rasch equating techniques – to ensure comparability of scores across different forms.
  • Reporting Services. We tailor both individual and group reports in an appropriate format, with content at a level of detail that is helpful to successful and unsuccessful candidates as well as to your overall program. For your candidates, reports can include subscore or competency feedback, comparative feedback and study recommendations. For your program, results can be based on demographics, institution or other groupings.